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Reason for using: Wakefullness from Pain.Side Effects: Wakefullness from Pain I take Ambien because I have some auto immune disorders that hold me up at night. I have Interstitial Cystitis, Fybromialgia, PCOS and other assorted things that drive agony pointers to my mind to awaken me up. Ambien has been a Godsend for dozing because it bangs me out for 8 entire hours and I don't seem dangled over the next day, but... it is super very simple to become reliant on it and if I don't force myself to proceed to doze directly after taking it, or somebody wakes me up, I will state and do things in a odd hypnotic/somnambulent state and have no recollection the following day.The first time I observed certain thing odd about Ambien was when I was standing in the bathing room conversing to my child after taking it one evening and observed that the towel bar on the partition behind him appeared to be moving. I recall telling him about this while at the identical time recognising that what I was saying rang out insane. I have finished many of the things persons have recounted here, telephone calls, evening strolling, buying online, which was shocking because I awakened up the next day and had to arrive up with the cash to pay for everything I didn't even recall buying. Sometimes my child wakes me and I'll acquiesce to any thing to make him proceed away and let me get back to sleep. The next forenoon I'll have no recollection of this. I furthermore have exceedingly vivid aspirations on Ambien, but I love this facet of it. The cause I'm here though is because last evening I got online and did certain thing super insensitive to somebody I actually care about; My ally is going through certain thing very perceptive and I had been suppres

I have been on 10mg for almosta year and have grave headaches and dizziness if I try to halt it for a evening, but other than that it works wonders for me and its alright if it makes up to 60-120 minutes for it to boot in.

Reason for using: Insomnia.Side Effects: NoneIt does help me get to doze, but the doze is only healthy about 4 hours and I'm aroused again. Taking a simple Tylenol along with the Ambien will generally get me an additional hour or 2 of sleep. 6 hours doze by the overhead is about the best I've been adept to do since 1994. Every now and then I proceed into a 2 hour cycle: doze 2 hours, aroused 2 hours, doze 2 hours, aroused ... that's when I holiday resort to the Ambien and if essential the Ambien/plain Tylenol blend for a twosome of nights. Taking Ambien every evening for somewhat better than 2 weeks didn't make any better outcomes, just the 4 hours, so I only take it on event now as cited above.

I've taken Ambien as required for some months. It works large, places me to doze rapidly and holds me slumbering for 6 hours. You do need to take it when you are going to bed. If you take it an hour before bed, you'll seem like somebody fell rufees in your 5th margarita at the bar. It is not bodily addictive. Once I halted taking it, I could still drop asleep. It IS strongly felt addictive (because it works like magic), so you have to watch yourself. I one time took this 4 hours after having a 3 beers and the next day I sensed very disoriented, had a awful annoyance, and couldn't put phrases simultaneously to make a sentence. I considered I was going to have a stroke. It educated me to pursue the main headings on the label.

Ive been taking Abein from Jan. about 3wks. Ive been getting dizzy alot, mostly when I just proceed to lay down. My head rotates interior, makes me seem like if I raise my head I can passout.